Who we endorse

In Troy’s Mayoral Race, Save Troy endorses:

Robin Beltramini

In the City Council race, Save Troy endorses:

Bruce Bloomingdale

Jim Campbell

Neil Yashinsky

Click the candidates names to view their websites

And meet some of them below:


Why do we endorse these people?

Troy Needs a Responsible Vision.  Not an Extremist View.

For years, Troy has had to endure the attacks of the no-taxes-at-any-cost extremists. The effects of that kind of thinking caused our roads to go un-plowed and almost cost us our library. Now they are targeting our public safety and our emergency reserves. It’s time for rational people to say, “enough is enough.”
This November 8th, put sensible people in charge of Troy’s City Council.
This November 8th, vote for the only people who:
  • Are endorsed by Troy’s Police and Fire organizations
  • Successfully helped save our library
  • Have a balanced vision to move Troy forward
  • Will never outsource or sacrifice our public safety
Vote for Beltramini, Bloomingdale, Campell, and Yashinsky
Even MORE insights into each of the candidates:

Robin Beltramini:  She has consistently looked for common ground when tough decisions had to be made. She was CFO of a 100,000+ member international association; she has sold real estate in multiple states; she has decades of experience in property management, sales office management and budgeting; as a research consultant she had designed and implemented health care prognostic studies; she has served on local and national boards of directors; she has served on Troy’s Zoning Board of Appeals, four years on the Planning Commission and ten on City Council. She has real-world leadership skills and municipal experience combined.

Bruce Bloomindale: Bruce literally helped build Troy; you should see the picture of him high up on a steel beam of the City Center Building when it was being built in 1979. He progressed through the ranks of commercial construction from ironworker, to job-site superintendent, to budget analyst and job sequencer. His skills enabled every job to be under budget and on schedule through his leadership and teamwork, finding practical solutions, and finding the right people to get it done. He has also served as a City of Troy reserve police officer.

Jim Campbell:  As Managing Director of Future Tool & Machine Inc., Jim has real-world business experience. As owner of a large manufacturing firm, he knows what it takes to turnaround a company since he purchased it just prior to the parent company filing for bankruptcy. He has also worked with various State senators, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the Michigan Manufacturing Association, consortium of Michigan banks, credit unions, and the Governor’s office to develop a loan guarantee program to help support and grow small to midsize manufacturing companies here in Michigan. This businessman has the real-world knowledge that can help attract business to Troy.

Neil Yashinsky:  Neil represents the young families of Troy and does so with great energy. Moreover, Neil is an IT professional and successful business owner. He has worked with companies across the country, including companies in Silicon Valley. With his family — including three young children — and his business in Troy, Neil is committed to preserving our collective investment in the city. He is an advocate for the rights of seniors and children, and he fights for the quality of life we all chose Troy for in the first place. Young and energetic with IT experiences, Neil will bring logical yet creative thinking to the council table.

View the candidate’s campaign fliers by clicking here.

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