Who we are

When a group of fellow residents came together last December, finding common ground through a very compelling online blog that captured the anger and indignation we all felt when the community was literally tricked into voting down Proposal 1 to Save the Library, no one could have predicted the impact that truly civic-minded people might have.

Our first meeting was, appropriately enough, in the Library conference room.  We agreed that we needed to come together not because Prop 1 had failed, but because of how it had failed.  That our community would not be able to survive political trickery, such as the 3 fake library proposals placed on the ballot in a deliberate attempt to confuse voters. There was an immediate connection … old, young, female, male, writers, numbers wonks, Republicans and Democrats … what would become a loosely organized grassroots team seeking truth in our civic conversation.  We’re not some formal registered political group and, contrary to rumor and innuendo, we are not a front for anyone.  We’re begging for money, quite frankly.  And, in fact, the lack of funds should have been enough to frustrate us and render us useless.

But our cause is just and proper.  It’s about protecting our city.  We sort of just kept marching along, trusting in one another and knowing if we didn’t step up, the bully on the playground would just keep antagonizing our fellow residents.

We are a group of people truly seeking what it is right for our city.  And we know we are not alone.  We found that 12,246 people would join us in taking the first step in the healing of Troy’s reputation by voting to save the Library in fiscally responsible manner August 2.

This group is proof that it is not only possible – but incredibly powerful – when folks set political ideology at the door to come together to lay their time, talent and treasure to stand up for their community, the greater good, their neighbor.  The very definition of grassroots in action, this team has sought to work for what is right in this city.

Most of us are outside of our comfort zone as we continue our work … and we’ve found we are capable of more than we ever thought possible.  We’ve had to empower one another, have one another’s backs when life has taken us off course and, well, trust one another.  It also helps to have a great sense of humor.

There’s a leader in each and every one of us.  When we vote on November 8th, we need to truly discern who will lead Troy in a positive direction with the entire community as their reference point, not the practice of ideology.  This is why the Troy City Charter calls for a nonpartisan city council.


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