Moving forward

With less than a week before we vote, it is clear emotions are running high and the effort to manufacture mistrust and discredit those involved in the discourse will ratchet up significantly. It’s like a contagious disease we need to keep at bay.
Time to take a deep cleansing breath and check our hearts and minds.
Next, let’s zoom out and look at the big picture.
Revenue to the city has plummeted, and the city has made huge cuts (and was in process of doing so long before the Feb. 2010 vote despite what many naysayers love to claim) and is already tapping Fund Balance to keep services running. Bleeding Fund Balance is a risky tactic that puts the City of Troy’s bond rating at risk. Funding long-term services with it for short-term political gain is foolish.
We need wisdom and experience at the helm, and the only mayoral candidate garnering support across the political spectrum because of her experience and ability to  listen to all sides, rather than embrace any ideology, is Robin Beltramini. With Robin, we’ll get the bridge we need over the gap in this city.With Robin, we get the FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY that will save Troy.
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