Let’s save Troy…for good

 We saved the library in August.

Now let’s save Troy!

We’ve been doing our homework and we hope this site helps you do your fact-checking before the November 8th election.

Why should you believe what we have to say here?

Well, we’ve been working to understand what is going on in our city for two years.  As we saw career politicians purposely mislead voters in two campaigns (including with three false Library proposals on the November 2010 ballot), we came together as a multi-partisan group of fellow residents just seeking to discern the truth of decision making and to keep our city strong.  We come to this from a variety of perspectives.  And we have nothing to gain from our effort except the value of truth in the political discourse in our community.

Seriously, we are not politicians.   We’re just the folks that fought to save the Library and now are fighting to save Troy.

Here’s the bottom line:  if all you care about is your wallet and the $50 or so they have saved you while tanking Troy’s reputation, vote for Janice Daniels, Doug Tietz, Dave Henderson and Ed Kempen.  They will give you a bargain basement city and bleed the Fund Balance.

If you care for your overall property value – your overall investment portfolio – Robin Beltramini, Bruce Bloomingdale, Jim Campbell and Neil Yashinsky are the wise choices as they will seek to protect this city in a fiscally responsible way.

Our candidate endorsements:

Robin Beltramini for Mayor — Experience, Leadership, Integrity.  She has the ability to rebuild bridges and heal this community.   http://www.robinbeltramini.org/

Bruce Bloomingdale for Council: Strength, Firm Values and a no-nonsense view of our issues in Troy.  http://www.elect-bruce.org/

Jim Campbell for Council: The buck stops with Jim; he has strong fiscal knowledge and experience and knows what it takes to turn a city around. http://www.campbell4council.org

Neil Yashinsky for Council: a fresh approach from a young family man with Troy’s best interests deeply rooted in his heart with conviction.  http://www.voteneil.org/

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